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Clinical Effectiveness

Clinical Effectiveness

Project Leader:  

Gordon Hall


Nolan Zane and Janie Hong

Project Coordinator: 

Jin Kim

Research Assistant:  

Mimi Wong

Dr. Gordon Hall directs the Clinical Effectiveness Research Program that (a) tests the effectiveness of an empirically supported intervention by conducting a randomized effectiveness trial of combined Cognitive Therapy and pharmacotherapy vs. pharmacotherapy in the treatment of Asian American patients with major depression and (b) determines if certain culturally based variables such as somatization and loss of face and shame moderate the effects of these treatments. The study is the first to actually test the effects of an empirically supported intervention with Asian American patients. The study also involves one of the most comprehensive assessments of culturally based variables ever made on mental health clients to date, so that sociocultural effects can be effectively examined within the context of treatment. Asian American culturally-based tendencies toward somatization might result in expectations of treatments that directly address somatic symptoms, such as pharmacotherapy. Disclosures in psychotherapy could result in perceived loss of face not only for the individual, but also for significant others.